Why work with Priscilla?

Priscilla Silva’s purpose is to simplify the process of renting, buying, or selling properties. Using up-to-date and innovative networks,  saving you time, money, and energy. Ultimately, her goal is to make your dreams come true and help you initiate a brand-new chapter in life. The real estate journey is usually a once-or-twice-a-life activity for many, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when entering this unknown ground. Some parts of the process have recently become more accessible through technology, but when every buyer has access to the same resources, it’s tough to stand out in a crowd, so the decision is still difficult. That’s why working with a trustworthy real estate professional is key to your success, and she would love to help you navigate through this complex process. Priscilla’s greatest passion is to help families find their dream home and to provide extraordinary customer service.  

5+ years real estate experience

Thanks to the experience she has gained, Priscilla can operate efficiently in the real estate market.

Successful transactions is key

Priscilla has carried out numerous successful transactions and helped many families find their dream home.

Top-rated customer satisfaction

Priscilla Silva’s goal is to exceed her clients expectations and help create a stress free and memorable real estate experience.

What makes Priscilla Silva special? 

Priscilla’s goal is to create and nurture lasting relationships with her clients. She loves to help families make home ownership a reality.

Priscilla Silva decided to take on a career in Real Estate, with the desire to help families and individuals find a place to call home. She strives to stand out from the rest and will always show integrity, dedication, honesty, and commitment to you and  would love the chance to help you buy or sell your home. Priscilla strongly believes in providing the best customer service, communication, and accessibility to you while keeping your goals top of mind.

Priscilla Silva’s promise to you:

– To communicate and keep you informed at all times

– To always perform with confidence and professionalism

– To provide a passionate, ethical level of service

– To be willing to work towards the common goal

Your Home is my Priority, plant your roots where memories should grow.